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  1. Language independent .
  2. Central Saint Vincent and the Grenadines’s Best Choice for software development.
  3. Worked on almost 3000+ International & national projects.
  4. € 4999 Software Development Campaign .
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The cloud datacenter company situated at Minnesota ,US providing reliable & secure servers to corporate and small businesses .

  1. Pure Solid State Drives .
  2. Litespeed Server
  3. 100% Uptime SLA
  4. Daily,Weekly & Monthly backups.
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Company focusing on Cloud science .


TechNIERA Incorporation

TechNIERA is world’s first open source search engine developing with aim of promote open source .

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machine Dental Hospital

machine Dental Hospital is renowned Dental Hospital with 30+ Dentists at capital of Chhattisgarh & providing free dental treatment under smart card to every level of society

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Dental Clinic



Karloshop is online ecommerce engine which is developing with cause of uplifting local shopkeepers & small merchants.

  1. Truly better ecommerce experience .
  2. Fastest Order Delivery Rate
  3. 100% money back guarantee in 24 hours .
  4. Premium support
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The innovative e-commerce company working for improvement of status of farmers in society through providing them platform to direct connect with buyers in local language.

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