General Billing Management Software – GenBill

Running your business is what you do best ,love doing it with machine Software

machine Software developers developed highly customizable and productive billing software called GenBill. Highly efficient for modern business, 9x faster than tally and as per your business needs. This highly efficient software is easy to use and hassle-free user interface. One with a little computer knowledge can operate the software without any instructor.
Includes sales, over 20 types of reporting tools, customer history, notes, previous dues, auto balance due emails, sale return  &  purchase return, due amount tracking, payments, inventory purchased & consumed, expenses, accounting, dashboard, balance sheet.

Important features :

Dual Mode : Online & Offline

Genbill can run on offline mode or online mode as per your business requirements .So if you have only one pc and have no plan to put this software online ,you can run it without any internet connection .If you’re willing to access all detail of billing from mobile ,other systems you can switch it to online mode .Does it sounds perfect  ?

Multi-users access

You have shops at 3 locations and you would like to use it for all three location billing with live syncs between orders than GenBill is perfect choice for you .GenBill can be accessed from 100+ systems from all over the world .Stop worrying ,start billing 🙂

Fully personalized

No matter whether you’re big enterprise ,you can personalize this software as per your company name, logo and theme without paying extra charges .Even on invoices ,your company logo will be shown .

Invoice on emails

Stop printing ,go green ! GenBill have innovative feature of auto email invoice to customers when you create any sale from it .

9x faster than tally

Tally Enterprise edition 9.1 is not comparable with machine Software GenBill .GenBill is 9 times faster,cheaper and featured than any tally version .

Full responsive

You can access whole software from mobile ,tablet ,macbook air or any size laptop without having different application for different devices .Thanks to Tallin Software Team.

Developed with love ,Minimalist Cost

GenBill is really easy for your business ,we can customize it fully as per your requirements without giving you headache of extra charges .Many businesses running GenBill for their daily accounting and staff management task.

Tons of features

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Access Levels & Password Protected

Your business do have employees and you can restrict one employee from viewing only particular section of billing software and make rest master password protected .

100% Uptime Guarantee

So ,trust us we are not going to host this software on any  third party garbage servers which will play slow fast game. MNCHOST, A part of machine Software Foundation which hosting world’s renowned Multinational corporations will host your Software at minimal cost 🙂

Few facts about “GenBill”
  1. Automate scheduling of invoice due after due dates.
  2. Leads to a more organized business.
  3. Increases efficiency and productivity of business .
  4. Shows price history instantly when placing order of product .
  5. Free Up yourself from accounting and paper calculation .
  6. Instant notifications to customers on invoice creation and invoice paying .
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Log in online anytime, anywhere on your Mac, PC or tablet and see up-to-date accounting & billing work flow. Its a innovative billing accounting software that’s simple, smart and occasionally magical.

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